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Welcome to Craved Coatings,

This started out as a Hobby, buying the equipment to allow me to coat my own parts,  with friends seeing the available colours the work came in and the decision was made to offer the Custom powdercoating service to the public. Our aim is to provide the rarer colour choices including Candies and metallic coatings not often provided by the Industrial coaters, along with the customized masking and designs required in the automotive market.

Examples of Pieces That Can Be Coated

Engine covers
Cam covers
Water outlets– engine
Car Wheels
Motor Cycle Wheels
Brake Calipers
Automotive suspension components Motorcycle engine covers and triple trees

And many other Metal objects that will fit within the dimensions of our curing oven. 

Please note : any pressed in bearings must be removed before delivery (charges will apply for removal after delivery).

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